Under the rose-apple tree

Under the rose-apple tree

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Ratnāvalī 1

sarva-doṣa-vinirmuktaṃ guṇaiḥ sarvair alaṃkṛtam |
praṇamya sarva-jñam ahaṃ sarva-sattvaika-bāndhavam ||Ratnāvalī 1|| 
To the one free of all the faults, 
To the one adorned with all the virtues, 
I shall bow down, to the all-knowing one,
To the one friend of all living beings; 


The FU of FUKAN-ZAZENGI means universal, for all living beings. 

Nāgārjuna begins his lesson to the king like Dogen begins the instructions for the sitting-meditation he recommends everybody to practice -- with words that are totally empty of sectarian arrogance. 

You say (though you are not even celibate) that you are a priest of the Soto Sect, following the teaching of Zen Master Dogen? 

I say you are full of nonsense. 

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